Yoga/ Aerial Yoga/ Myofacial Release

For a life of longevity and transformation, the body is a huge part of the equation. Depending on your specific needs, Govindi has many tools to help your body align with where you want to be physically and mentally in your life.

Yoga: The definition of yoga is "union". Yoga is connecting breath to movement, just like we can connect that feeling of peace into our day to day experiences. With many options to pick from, Govindi combines what you need most. A few of the modalities that she works with are:

Yin yoga: These restorative poses are held for 2-5 minutes, with lots of props to allow the body to relax and release. This practice is slow paced and goes deep without forcing the body into uncomfortable poses.


Vinyasa/hatha yoga: This practice involves movement and flow. It gets the muscles warmed up, loosened up and toned.

Aerial Yoga: This practice uses a special hammock to go deeper into stretches that aren't always easy on their own. It helps with injuries, pain, balance, strengthening and is a fun way to exercise/stretch. This practice can be done close to the ground or at waist height for deeper inversions and exercises. 

Myofascial Release: Using various shape and size balls, this practice helps open up the body in a way that yoga can only graze the surface. The fascia is the webbing that holds all the organs, joints, muscles, etc together. It also weaves its way into scar tissue thus making movement and stretching difficult because it suffocates the blood flow to those areas. When the fascia is opened up with the help of these special tools, it helps one recover quicker from injuries, alleviates chronic pain, aligns the body, and helps one go deeper into their fitness or yoga practice.