Throughout our life, all the emotions that we don't want to feel in the moment get stored within the body like stagnant energy. Breathwork flushes out all the emotional baggage we accumulate over the course of our life, to free our minds and bodies to be more fully present to what is happening in the current moment.


What is the process?

First we get the body moving and warmed up. Then we lay down and follow a specific rhythm of breath that takes us into an altered state. This rhythm of breath connects us to old memories, happy and sad, that need to be brought up to be released or reconnected to. There is some movement and sound involved in the breathing process as well. Once our "vessel" is emptied of old trauma/stories we, then, have space to bring in new experiences and opportunities without the old story dictating the way.

What are the results?

Through this process, you become acutely aware of where stagnant energy is being stored within the body and what emotions haven't been processed yet. You become more inhabited within the body after and access more clarity because all the "baggage" gets released allowing you to lead your life with a clear mind instead of a reactive mind.

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