Yoga Man Meditation

Meditation and/or Yoga Nidra

Many of us are running through life letting our overloaded brain lead the way.With technology, family, friends, work and everything else going on, sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Meditation helps one to silence the non-stop chatter in the brain and to focus on what is needed in the present moment. Allowing space for creativity, peace and happiness to flourish. Three ways to access is this peace are:

Yoga Nidra: There is minimal movement in the beginning to get the body relaxed. Following the movement, one lays down and just listens to the guidance for the rest of class. Yoga Nidra works with a similar technique as hypnosis which relaxes the body thus allowing the mind to relax and go into a deeply meditative state. Resulting in deeper sleep and more clarity in life. 

Dynamic Meditation: This practice involves heavy breathing, intensive cardio movement, screaming, anger release through physical movement THEN silence/ meditation after the body has been freed up of all the chaos going on within the mind and body.This practice, not only clears the mind but it is a fantastic way to release pent up emotions and stress. 

Meditation: For the advanced meditator, this practice is done with minimal words to begin and end the practice with complete silence in-between (No physical movement). According to the Maharishi Effect, when people sit together in meditation, the vibration of peace and love emanate out to surrounding places and people.  

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