Learning the tools to reconnect you to your deepest intuition

"Emotions are energy that needs to be IN MOTION. Stagnant energy in the body leaves it receptive to dis-ease."

- Govindi Juneja



I am a truth seeker, movement junkie and a big fan of authentic, heartfelt communication and connection. I believe there is no point living if we aren't embracing every part of this human experience, body and emotions being the biggest focus.

Through movement, sound, breath and meditation, I feel I have had the biggest breakthroughs in the ways my body wants to communicate. I am here to share years of my personal experimentation with you to bring you back to your own truth. Welcome to being human!




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"The soul is directly woven into the fibers of the body. Listen to its whisper ... like a child longing to be heard. What is your body trying to express to you?"
-Govindi Juneja

What people are saying...


Aaron Dressel


Breathwork facilitated by Govindi has been inspirational and opened new awareness for me with each encounter.
I enjoy the clarity and calmness achieved as I go throughout the process. Overall I feel a deeper connection both personally and with my surrounding situation which has been a challenge fro me at times and she is able to help me achieve this through her guidance.

Brandon Leon


I have found that this breathwork with Govindi is an experience that can only be explained as an authentic release. Sometimes I feel peace, one time I cried hysterically. The emotional release has made room for more joy in my life. I am so thankful to have experienced this and am blessed to know Govindi. Anybody who is skeptical as I was, just allow yourself to go through the process and your body will know what to do.

Sara Rise

sara rise.jpg

I had a session with Govindi after on the most traumatic experiences of my life. Her healing session was exactly what I needed. She is a natural healer and it felt really safe to be in her presence. She has the ability to trust what flows through her and clear heavy, negative energy our of your field. I have never received energy work the way she does it and it made a significant difference in my life. It really supported me to get through that hard chapter in my life. I am forever grateful for her guidance. 

Liza Marracino


Beautiful inside and out, Govindi elevated my senses higher on my path of enlightenment with just one class that I just happened to stumble upon. The attention, the vibration, the love felt within this beautiful human being was undoubtedly one of the best experiences I could have asked for as I am peaking within my journey of love and light. I am forever grateful...forever in debt to humans like this with such capacity.